The system of institutes depends on the semester system, or the system of class periods, or both of them according to the policy and view of the institute. Many systems work on reaching a mechanism that controls the work in institutes that adopt the system of semesters or periods with much flexibility, and providing true solutions for all the urgent cases without the need to rebuild the system, or maybe study it again.

The company spent great efforts to reach a system which TRAINS .




It trines in order to control the students’ registrations in all their statuses with specifying the specialty, the courses and the suitable plan, and control the different types of examinations, and control the true marks and the daily irregularities like absence, lateness and all the due outcomes to each student. So it aims at authenticating all of that mentioned above in reports that describe the actual status of the student, in addition to managing the financial issues of each student. All of that requires a special qualified and well trained team in respect of school registration, supervision and follow-up operations. All of that mentioned, and even more, was provided by our TRAINS  system.

The sector that aims at our TRAINS is :

any institute that works with the system of semesters, or periods, or both of them.

A Brief View about TRAINS System :

in this system, we presented many distinguished useful mechanisms that serve and facilitate the work in the atmosphere of different types, specialties and trends of institutes:

The mechanical registration for students, so the whole responsibility of registering the students in all the departments and specialties lies on the system, with keeping the possibility for the manual registration.

The mechanical generating for all the different types of the school and examinations schedules. 

A tight methodology for making decisions that depends on all the recorded irregularities, absence, lateness and sanctions that are reported about any student or a group of students.

A full accounting system.

The possibility of the automatic change among the specialties.

A full (report) system.

An advanced research mechanism.

Transferring the data from a previous system to our (TRAINS) system.

An auhority system which limits each user’s authorities according to his function.

The possibility of changing the language of the application programming interface from Arabic to English, and many other options that, we think, are useful and beneficial.