E-service for portal and charity

Gate leading to comprehensive and integrated electonic services to charities where the system sets to contributions of various kinds and different donor contributions whether  individuals or comapnies or other entities of different types of donations, whether cash or in kind or deductions periodically to wipe all possibility of follow-up to representative of the beneficiaries from the services of the assembly for their applications through the portal and account for each of them.

About the work of charities of Saudia Arabia
Charities in KSA receive and collect donations and distribute it to needy families and orphans through standards and terms of reference defined and described each case and services provided by charities with a major impact on the community and significant contribution to the application of islamic law through a system of independence, which seeks to implement.

Target sector

 All associations and charities

About The System

Management of all kinds of donations.

Management of donations given by different types of donors.

Department of registeration of a special account of donations through the gate.

The possibilty of linking with banking systems for the management of transfer and verious deductions.

Program management assistance services for all kind.

Ability to follow the treatment of beneficiaries through a reference number.

The existence of references in the system are controlled by administrator of the system.

The possiblity of linking with various government and participating database through agreement governing the relation.

The interface is easy to use.

Using the latest technology to build and manage the system.