The large terrain of procedural and administrative in the procurement system the government has made it logical to call the electronics system automates the procedures and functions in the procurement system the government name (GPS), although this name is called usually electronic systems on the operations of the geographic navigation but that the company work for the technology and information systems considered to provide this system (already) to the present name of the firm conviction the need to create an electronic system, outlining special procedures for the procurement system the government explains the easiest and fastest ways to obtain the service and the best performance in a modern, similar to the lines that we see usually on our maps usual, but a new concept is "already" of light illuminates the road map for the development of governmental actions and been completed by

Target system ?

The system aims to automate all policies and procedures for government procurement and the associated basic rules clarify the relationship between the government and those who supply products and services during the life cycle of procurement and through e-Services Portal.

Reference system already ?

The system competition, government procurement, issued by Royal Decree No. (M 58) and the date of 04/09/1427 AH.

Bylaw competition, government procurement, issued by the Minister of Finance No. (362) and the date of 20/02/1428 AH.

Search the technical knowledge available to the business firm representative senior team of administrative and technical.

The contents of the system already

Selection of either the purchase method of procurement for the implementation of the competition by offering public, private or through direct contracting.

Preparation of Tools of the procurement process (close the purchase order specifications and quantities) and the involvement of the author of the request and the author of the resolution, the author of the technical and financial decision-making in that process.

Run the loop Buy (Procurment Chain) in electronic form sequentially and easy (send invitations to bring the presentations and open the envelopes, and reports of technical committees and the financial and link financial and operations award and signing of contracts)

Run the loop Insurance (Inventory Chain) in electronic form sequentially and easy (from the supply of items and certificates of achievement and extracts the financial and ending with the archiving transaction).

Managing the administrative chain operations include system administration and distribution of power to users and ensure the integration of all the workshops.

Benefits of the system

Designer reached ASP.NET

Works database, SQL SERVER

Works under the Internet environment

Works on all types of networks

Designer within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Susceptibility to modify (add - edit - paddle) on the components of the system

Covers all forms of buyer-governmental organizations (buy direct - Tenders -)

Covers all procurement procedures (purchase request - quotation request - receive quotes - Checking the bids technically and financially - purchase orders - award - baptism - Contracts - Abstracts - payments - financial items)

All reports and queries

Spatial linkage with other systems